House Rule

In order to offer you and the other guests in our house a pleasant and relaxing holiday, we ask you to comply with the following house rules:

1) From 22:00 o’clock we ask our guests to keep the night’s rest in our house. Music and TV may only run at room volume and also conversations and children playing we ask to keep quiet.

2) Playing as well as staying in the general part of the house (stairway, garage etc.) is not allowed. Parties must be booked in advance!

3) We ask our guests to separate the garbage properly. In the designated waste separation stations at each of the entrances on the ground floor of our house, they find the designated containers for glass, cardboard, plastic (blue bin), organic waste (green bin) and residual waste (large container)

4) We ask our guests to park as space-saving as possible and to use only the parking spaces reserved for you.

5) We ask our guests when leaving the apartment to make sure that all lights, candles and especially the stove are turned off.

6) It is strictly forbidden to handle with an open flame. Barbecues, real candles and sparklers on Christmas trees etc. are also strictly prohibited. Candles are only to be used in the glass containers provided for this purpose. Fireworks, Bengali fires and bangers cannot be shot down.

7) We ask our guests to treat the provided furnishings with care. If something should break, we politely ask you to handle this to be able to get everything back in order for the next guests.

8) Please understand that smoking is prohibited throughout the house. It is permitted to smoke outdoors on balconies or terraces and please be careful to dispose of cigarette butts etc. accordingly.

We wish you a wonderful stay and a relaxing holiday in our house. If you need anything we are always available for you either in our reception or of course by phone + 43-664-200 77 30.

Thank you for visiting us!